I want to make sure that I acknowledge the people that have helped and guided me throughout my life. There are many people who needs recognition and the first is my family. They have been there while I was unsure of myself and continued to support me and my goals, my parents and siblings have stood by behind me but a couple I want to recognize in particular. My sister Vanessa has been my closest supporter and has continued to help in my artist journey. My mother allowed me space and time to make mistakes and to learn from the, I feel that has led me to be a stronger artist and creative in the work that I do. 

There are many elders that shared their knowledge with me, my grandmothers Lillian Rose, Marjorie Tahbone and her sister Sophie. Others are Ester Bourdon, Vince Pikoganna, Joe Kunnuk, Marie Saclamana, Edna Alvanna, Francis Alvanna, George Albert and many more.

I had many advisors along the way that I want to acknowledge as well. Joni Edwardson, MaryLou Sours, Yaayuk Alvanna, Marilyn Koezuna-Irelan, Kuppa, Jackie Hrapok-Leppajarvi, and so much more. I will continue to add names as I remember and accumulate them. 

Quyana to everyone who shared their knowledge with me, I am truly grateful for you and your willingness to teach.